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Great app, but it doesn't sync

I love this app and I wish I had found out about it sooner. It includes all of the items that I wish the other popular podcast apps had besides the cloud syncing. :(

One and Only

The most I love about instacast is the ability to mark a specific time in an episode, with this unique feature, I can go back to the important part of the episode then review and take notes afterwards, if I can't take notes right away. Other podcast apps only have Star, it save the whole episode, but when I come back to re-listen a specific part, I might not be able to remember where it is, then I have to drag through the entire timeline, it's exhausting, inefficient. Right now, instacast is the one and only podcast app for me. But the UI hasn't been updated since iOS 7, really hope the dev team would redesign a brand new UI.

Best podcast app

Been a fan of Instacast for a while and love that it is getting updates. Please put donation buttons on the app so we can support your continued development.

Better than some other apps

Happy that it lets you mark podcasts played and unplayed unlike some other apps. Not sure how well the backup works because when I tried exporting the unplayed/played data didn’t export... other than that a good app.

Boss of all podcast apps

Bookmark and take notes....

No CarPlay

Decent playback options but no CarPlay makes this useless for me.

Great replacement for IOS 11 ruined podcast app

This app reminds me of the Apple Podcast app before IOS 11 turned it into an unusable mess. It has the “list view” that includes the number of new episodes.

Great Features

The features of this app feel like it is tailor-made for me. It fixes a lot of annoyances of other apps with the ability to tune exactly how system skip buttons work, or manage how much storage is used. I have encountered only two issues: the resume can be a little finicky from the home screen or headphone remote, and it seems to have trouble auto-playing a podcast. Overall works well. I came here looking for bookmarking capability and it delivered.


This is a great podcast app. My two wishes are: (1) that instead of giving it away for free, the developer would charge money for it so that ongoing updates would be sustainable; and (2) that he would bring back the dearly missed Mac companion application.

Love/hate relationship

It's a good app in that it presents you with podcasts and you can change settings and subscriptions. Other than that, the little hold ups start to get annoying after a while. It takes a while for podcasts to load (if they load at all), the play/pause button is annoying, and I just think you can use a better app for the same thing.

Still the best

Even when Instacast stopped being developed, I stuck with it because it has the best interface, especially its chapter UI. Wish it was still being fully developed (sync no longer works) but I'll take what I can get.

Loses downloads.

I have used Instacast for years and since it has been redone some months back it's turned to junk. I used to be able to download multiple episodes and would have them there for days waiting in the que now I download episodes and it can't even keep them for more than 5 minutes. If anyone can tell me what the issue is and how to fix it I would change my rating. But I would say for a podcast app that's the most appealing thing. To have the ability to download episodes so when your driving in and out of service your Not relying on the streaming option. This app is super frustrating!

My favorite podcast app is back!

Instacast is awesome. The bookmarking/notes feature is fantastic.

Best podcast app!

This is simply the best podcast app that is available. The combination of the intuitive UI and comprehensive, yet easy to use feature set is a cut above the rest- and I've tried them all over the years. I'm glad to see this back in the AppStore!

Really want to like, but...

I was really happy to see a new version of Instacast in the App Store, as I use this app every day! I really want to love this app but it has several serious issues that are very frustrating. The worst problem is that it frequently loses the place that you were at in the Podcasts that you have started listening to, so I find myself wasting far too much time trying to find where I was in a podcast. Sometimes it remembers but often not. My other complaint is with the "queue". The old application could simply play the next item on your unplayed playlist. Now you have to add items to a queue which is more cumbersome to manage than it should be. I frequently use the app in my car to listen to podcasts, and the combination of these two issues makes for a lot more unnecessary fumbling around with the app!

Great but has issues

Sometimes takes a very long time for podcasts to start playing, and you often have to hit play several times to get it to play again after pausing.

Awesome app!

I really like it! The only thing I don't like is that there is no way to stop automatic downloads of new episodes.


So glad the app is back in the App Store! Always loved this app and was bummed when it's support disappeared. Switching over from Overcast back to the glorious treat!

It's back! Best podcast app ever!

I love this app!! The bookmarking feature is the best. Has the usual stuff too like adjustable scrubbing speed, a great interface, syncing/backup/export of data/podcast finding.

The best podcasting app. Bar none.

I've tried using every other app and none compares. This app just gets it right. From streaming to queuing up etc. Please open source it, Martin!

Minimal and elegant

I love how this app looks and feels. The only nitpicky detail that bothers me is that the animation of the player sliding up stutters a little at the end.

The best

In my opinion, Instacast is the best podcast player ever made for iOS. Great features that you hardly see on other apps, great UIX, easy to use. The best.

My favorite podcast app.

Hands down the best podcast app around. Fully featured but straightforward. So glad to see it back on the App Store!


Very nice. Very good. Love the app. Thanks.

It's back!!

My favorite podcast app is back in the app store. There are a lot of competing options but this one seems to fit me best. My favorite feature is the "Add to Up Next" option that queues up a podcast to play immediately after the current one ends, without having to fiddle with playlists. It comes with no support or cloud options, so keep that in mind before downloading!

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